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Terasa Mathieu
Certified Pilates Practitioner,
Bodyworker, Sports injury Therapist, ( Alexander ).
Ballet r.a.d., Remedial Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist.

Australian Pilates Method Level 4,
Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

International experience in Pilates, Ballet & Beauty.
Terasa has worked alongside the Medical Profession & taught
all levels from Elite Dancers to the Mature Aged.

The blossom therapy was created to enhance
your quality of life and to go beyond.

Therapeutic Pilates & Massage
A total Body Program by Body Therapist & Pilates Practitioner
Terasa Mathieu. Her use of techniques zoom into your needs,
to give you the best possible results ! 




Is a total Body Programme of physical and mental harmony,
enhanced by breath-taking movement.
Improves posture & muscle balance by exercising from the inside out.
Optimises your flexibility, strength, stability, coordination and breathing.
It helps flatten your abdominals.
Training personally is highly recommended for specialised individually
designed programmes in the City Studio, in your office or in the
comfort of your home.

Group classes are also available in Woollahra.
Check the timetable on the Home page.

Remedial Massage
A deep therapeutic Massage:
Releasing knots & fibrous tissue.
Improves circulation & nutrition to the tissues.
 Aids in the elimination of toxic waste.
 Reduces the risk of injury & illness.
 Excellent for stress, headaches, backpain
& muscles soreness.

Is the Art & Science of blending essential oils.
 Individually prepared for each client.
 Balances emotional & physical problems of body & mind.
 Pure relaxation.

Deluxe Facials
A 1 hour rejuvenating indulgance:
 Using pure essential oils.
 Hand blended specificly to your skin type & condition.
 Nourishes & hydrates the skin.
 Leaves your skin with a radiant glow & a younger
looking appearance.

Pre/Postnatal Massage & Pilates
A caring safe programme:

Strengthening & aiding the relief of backache
and general discomfort.

After a career of ballet in Europe
for many years, Terasa Mathieu knows the problems
associated with stress, competition, intense
training and injuries.

0410 55 25 44